Friday, September 30, 2005

Piper giving out the specialty awards

Scott and Bucky, giving out the Poker Run awards

Highest number Garry VanderEyk VROC 17676 and Thomas Gates (Williedog) VROC 5. Have just shaken hands to signify a bonding of the early and late VROC'ers.

Kelly giving her "Thank you" speech.

Auggie just presented Kelly with the Official Headress. Kelly did an excellent job of organizing the 2005 VROC World Reunion.

Auggie, Kelly and Eagle, Kelly is getting her Golden Eagle head dress award.

Kelly getting her Teddy bear

Kelly and Eagle at the podium

Karen, Preston, Piper and Auggie at our table. There will be more pictures taken during the program.

Dino in the center. He will be doing the Memorial Service tomorrow morning, Piper will play Amazing Grace on his bagpipes

The Wiliedog and Oldman table!

I hope I don't miss a table!

The corner crew

I don't see many frowns, even though we're waiting dinner

Happy faces

We had a good crowd. I think around 200

The other end of the serving line. The food was excellent

Prior to food

What a crew!

More tables

The food line

More people waiting for their dinner

The Crystal Room is a few steps up from the old barn that Jack arranged for at the RRR. (but not as much fun) :-)

Coyote, Stewey, Chuck Bert, Chunk, Snake and KT

Another table

Lynn, Blondy and Phil

Blondie "table walking"

Dino, one of our VROC Ordained ministers, Blessing our food.

Skid "MC"ing.

Table shot

Our greeter at the Crescent Hotel

Blondie with here "dualing camera".Deb is behind her

Getting ready for the FOOD at the Crescent Hotel

More banquet folks!

Skid and Sandy before the banquet, Skid is the MC and overall planner for this little affair

Kelly proposing to Skid.

Banquet people. Six pack jack in the middle

Wiliedog and Pam